Reducer Bushing – From 1″ to 3/4″ Shank

  • Reduces hole size, allowing use of trailer balls with smaller shank diameters
  • Protected by a durable yellow zinc-plated finish



















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With so many different trailer ball and ball mount sizes available, it is a possibility for a trailer ball and ball mount to be mismatched. Though we pride ourselves on offering a complete selection of towing equipment and design our products to be an exact fit for your towing application, we understand that making a minor adjustment to your towing equipment is much more cost-effective than purchasing brand new equipment. CURT reducer bushings are the fast, easy way to make your trailer ball fit snugly into your ball mount for safe, quiet towing.

Installing a trailer ball with any wiggle room between the shank and ball mount hole is a recipe for disaster. It does not matter how much torque you apply to the trailer ball nut; if you have a trailer ball shank that is too small, it will eventually come loose in the ball mount platform and lead to trailer sway and even a breakaway. A CURT reducer bushing provides an effective filler for any gap that might surround your trailer ball shank. This particular reducer bushing is designed to reduce a 1″ hole down to 3/4″. All CURT reducer bushings come with a yellow zinc finish to prevent rust and corrosion.

  • Reduces 1″ diameter hole to 3/4″




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