Assure Trailer Brake Controller

  • OLED screen for high-quality readouts
  • Easily accessible manual override with the press of a button
  • Multiple angle display for the best possible view
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The CURT Assure trailer brake controller features a professional-grade interface and has a unique manual override feature. It has a 128 x 64 dot matrix OLED display screen that shows trailer brake activity in a full message readout for enhanced usability. The display can also be flipped up at multiple angles for the best possible view. The manual override of the Assure brake control allows power to be applied any time and in any amount, giving the driver more control on the road.

Behind the Assure brake controller is a powerful main module with a triple-axis motion-sensing accelerometer. This advanced circuit is able to detect the inertia of the vehicle and trailer on all axes of three-dimensional space. Whatever your speed and whatever grade you are travelling on — up or down a hill — the Assure brake controller produces the exact amount of power needed for a smooth, safe stop every time.

Like every CURT trailer brake controller, the Assure installs in ten minutes or less, using a quick plug harness. These wiring harnesses are vehicle-specific and plug into any CURT brake controller for a custom-fit installation in the vehicle. The Assure also has automatic leveling and calibration features to simplify the setup process.

  • Equipped with a quick plug for easy, plug-and-play installation
  • Operates 2-8 trailer brakes at a time (1-4 axles)
  • Limited lifetime warranty


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